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Advanced Ad Reporting Solutions for Publishers

GS media Group is a leading company on the market that provides ultimate ad management and ad reporting solutions for publishers to build a better online business. Our solutions help publishers optimize their business set-up and provide a better user experience.

GS media Group

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DFP Ad Reporting Solution for Publishers

Our DFP Reporting tool GS PubSense allows publishers to have their own reporting ecosystem without any development that is easy to maintain and manage.

GSpubSense the best DFP reporting tool

GSpubSense the best DFP reporting tool

GSpubSense the best DFP reporting tool

GSpubSense the best DFP reporting tool

Advertisers log in/sign up

The log in/sign up links with your company’s logo can be placed on your website to enable your advertisers to register and access the reporting UI directly from your websites.

DFP Integrated

Our GS PubSense is fully DFP-integrated(DoubleClick for Publishers) and once linked can view the reporting data of the advertisers’ whole history, even if you didn’t have GS PubSense at that time.

Synchronous DFP Reports for Your Advertisers

Your advertisers will be able to log in and view up-to-date reports by creatives, by date, by countries….etc anytime they want.

Advertiser Management System

Our Advertiser management system allows you to create, archive and unarchive advertisers making it as easy as just one click to work even with the advertisers who come back to you months later.

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Your Own Reporting Ecosystem

GS PubSense as an ad reporting solution for publishers allows to have a reporting
ecosystem for advertisers and that makes it easy to share your ad serving reports with your
advertisers. GS PubSense will help you save tons of time by cutting the time which is spent on developing the reporting strategy and sharing those reports with advertisers every month. The DFP reporting tool includes advertiser management system that helps you easily add new
advertisers and manage the old ones.